For the first time i felt Rabindranath Tagore’s lines – “Into that heaven of freedom my Father, Let my country awake.”

                                                      22nd MARCH 2020 5:00PM The exact time when i heard the feeling of unity for the first time!It was way more beautiful than any other feeling of love or happiness. You all wanted to know what it was like if we all could get together as one? Well you had that in the evening today!A small gesture to thank all the doctors,nurses, paramedics, guards and all the others who are out there risking their lives for our peace in the corona virus battlefield.The entire nation, irrespective of caste, creed, religion came out as one. This was supposed to be just a simple shout out to all of the healthcare workers but what I witnessed was something beauteous and amiable to the eyes and ears.Be it a five year old child playing his toy drum or be it the middle aged lady playing her shell or the elderly  beating on their utensils or our young generation joyously applauding, each and every one proved the power of togetherness!The jubilant faces which stood united as one to bid honor to the ones risking their lives for us were remarkable. This shows that when the entire nation can unite as one to show gratitude for all those who are risking their lives for us out there, then the nation can stand as one during any crisis.

I don’t know about others but i realized one thing today, we all are humans and we all stand as one when it comes to humanity. Our strength lies in our unity! At this state of this catastrophe, if there’s something we can do is stick together as one and help each other by refraining from social contact and preventing the contamination.Only if as a collective community we decide not to socialize physically will there be some prevention. Do not underestimate the power of being in unison. If just an expression of gratitude in this uniformity can be so delightful then just imagine how resplendent it would be if stay as one during any situation of worry. As human beings we all stand as one!! At that time there is no differentiation, be it about petty quarrels or religious or social barriers. That time there is just one religious and profession and that is HUMANITY and in humanity lies UNITY! Trust me what we witnessed today was a jubilant atmosphere of the nation’s pride of being together as one. A small gesture yet a large impact. STAY SAFE, STAY AT HOME, MAINTAIN SOCIAL DISTANCE, STAY QUARANTINED STAY UNITED! THANK YOU TO ALL THOSE WHOSE LIVES ARE THERE AT RISK FOR US. MAY PEACE BE WITH THEM. 

“IMPECCABLE FIGURE” – Working out fitness or crying it out?

“My confidence is being myself and not giving a damn about what anyone says “-Denise Mercedes

Does body type really matter? 

Fashion labels are like dictators. They’ve mandated how girls feel about themselves while growing up. Too fat,not accepted, too skinny,are you a girl or a pole? Even the ones who are in the average shape and size are reminded so – “you should maintain it otherwise u’ll lose your shape and look ugly.” 

And here’s the thing, if you think fighting it for being accepted in the society will help, then that’s wrong! Before you get all fitness fanatic on me and tell me about the hours we should spend at the gym trying to gain or lose weight, let me rephrase. These labels – they’re toxic! Fashion labels are just labels they aren’t price tags. Same is with body types. They’re like blueprints handed to you at work. A basic frameworkof what you will look like  which decide what.. section of the society or category you will fit in. 

Do you really expect me to believe that being born with the shape that’s been handed down to one makes him or her distorted just because it does not adhere to people’s idea of aesthetics? And if it’s something that you cannot change then why obsess over it? Perhaps it’s about accepting and being happy about ur own physique. It’s about rejoicing what you have and embracing it boldly. 

Now if you’re someone lying curled up in your bed, crying over your weight scale readings, moaning about how you haven’t lost a single kilo of weight inspite of not having a cupcake in weeks, you might be  thinking that i am one of those fat or skinny girls who doesn’t give a damn about my appearance or about how the world would perceive my body shape. You’re right! I AM A FAT GIRL! I have always been one. I am one of those who has been called the huge person. I am the one who has been called by names throughout and has been constantly pin pointed upon my thick stomach and thighs.I am the one who started looking too big for my age long time ago. And you know what I am proud of this shape that I own! I really don’t care about the comments or the teasing or the way the world perceives me. I love the body that i own and I feel alive in my skin. 

I don’t deny the fact that fitness is not an important aspect.Of course it is! Workout is necessary but for fitness and a good lifestyle. Strive for a healthy body and not for an ideal body. Your journey should not be something ephemeral as physical perfection.Crying over the fact that the society would not accept you or would give you a fashion tag of not having an ideal body is what i don’t support. Being fat or skinny is not just restricted to body shapes. The society wants to dictate you and it will dictate you – your food habits your likes and dislikes.Not to forget they taken for granted attitude – “oh she’s fat /skinny! How would she know what’s dressing to kill, she’s got no fashion sense, does she even know what’s looking hot like?” Stop mourning over the shape that you own. The way the society is not responsible for your weight and your choices the same way you are not responsible for their dwarfed outlook. Being hot lies in the ability to be comfortable your beautiful skin and embracing it boldly and beautifully. Let the world call you a billion names and label you whatever toxic they want to. As long as you are happy and alive in the skin that you own, no one can ever change the way you feel about it!It has always been about you, the way you feel about it and it will always be about you.BE BOLD AND OWN YOUR SHAPE.THIS IS YOUR BODY AND NO ONE HAS THE RIGHT TO DICTATE IT! 

‘THE AMATUER EXPERT ‘-Journey from being a girl to being a woman

From taking her first breath on the earth
To being considered someone else’s life,
She grew up.
From being daddy’s princess
To becoming someone’s queen,
She grew up.
From getting all the love as a child
To getting scolded to behave like a girl,
She grew up.
From fighting with siblings
To hugging and crying on wedding,
She grew up.
From secretly eating a chocolate for her own happiness
To sacrifing it for the happiness of her own child,
She grew up.
From wanting siblings to stay away
To getting hard to bid them bye,
She grew up.
From getting all comfort
To ignoring own’s comfort,
She grew up.
From living in own world
To making a beautiful world for others,
She grew up.
From being childish
To being the most mature,
She grew up.
From playing with stuff toys
To playing with her own child,
She grew up.
From being daddy’s hero
To being supermom,
She grew up.
From being daughter and sister
To being wife and mother,
She grew up.

Deceptively honest – A review of the decade 2010’s

The ending of year, the beginning of a new decade. End of many stories and beginning of new ones.From kabhi khushi kabhi gham to kabhi whiskey kabhi rum.From Sukhvinder Singh to Honey singh-evolution of a whole new world. Some still remain in the “loog kya kahenge” belief while some evolved to the “duniya ki sunta hai kyu khud ki bhi sun le kabhi” Some people uplifted the name of the country where as some ruined it by despoliating the daughters of the country. Some broke the bondages of the society and flew to their dreams whereas some still remain caged. Some accepted their flaws and strive for happy living with their imperfections whereas some still remain in the rat race and crib over life. Some took a stand to build up the community in harmony and stand as one country while some were busy trying to untie their threads by violence. I wonder how could they be the same people who rejoiced at the building up of statue of unity.While the country revered at the winning of India in the 2011 world cup, it also mourned to the bomb blast devastation in Mumbai in the same year.Some righteous people believed in the “Beti Bachao beti padhao Yojana” on the same hand some righteous people regarded rape to be “mistakes” committed by boys and girls being at fault for that.While we saw the rise of the country through make in India or the demonetisation concepts we also saw the devasation of the country through tragedies like the kedarnath landslides, cyclone fani in odhisha and the Kerala floods.

To cut in short,the past decade saw many new beginnings to triumph over but it also brought along some bitter and horrific memories to lament upon. We had numerous reasons to smile but at the same time we also had a numerous reasons to cry.It’s the beginning of a new year and a beginning of a new hope.Let’s step into this year by changing our mindset of thinking. Let’s inculcate within ourselves a feeling of positivity and freedom.Put the bad things in the past, remember the sacrifices and the good things and walk ahead with a new rise of hope. Yes we can’t change the society’s way of thinking but we can change ourselves. Let’s walk into this new year hoping to make this environment a blissful and ecstatic place to live in. Let’s do our level best to eradicate the devils of negativity out of the society. Not to forget the butterfly effect – even a small change can create a huge difference.

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